Summary Report International Sign Translation

Hundreds of signed languages exist in the world but the internet remains skewed towards dominant languages and their written forms (especially European-colonial languages).

Watch the International Sign translation of the Summary of this report below, and join us in making the internet more multilingual and multimodal through practice.

1. Why this report? Who are we?

1.1. What is this report and what is it not?

1.2. Who are we, and why did we come together to do this report?

2. How to read this report?

3. How multilingual is the internet?

3.1. Language context - Geographical and digital knowledge inequities

3.2. Language support - Platforms and messaging apps

3.3. Language content - Accessibility and production

3.3.1. Google maps

3.3.2. Wikipedia

4. What have we learned about the multilingual internet?

5. How can we do better? - Contexts and actions for a multilingual internet

5.1. Whose power and resources?

5.2. Whose values and knowledges?

5.3. Whose technologies and standards?

5.4. Whose designs and imaginations?

6. Finally, what can you do?

7. Gratitude

8. Definitions